Dark Mordor - Agonia (2011 Reissue) (Cassette)

Dark Mordor - Agonia (2011 Reissue) (Cassette)

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Cassette re-release of the 1994 demo by Slovakian speed / thrash cult DARK MORDOR! The band formed in 1989 and were active until 1999, although never released a full-length album. Some members are still active, in MIDNIGHT SCREAM.

This tape features the 1994 studio-recorded demo Agonia with five bonus songs (live recordings and previously unreleased rehearsal tracks!) Pro-tape with fold-out A4 booklet with lyrics, old photos and a bio.


Track listing

  1. Overture
  2. Shadows of our Evil
  3. Unholy Murdering
  4. Place for the Souls of the Dead
  5. Agony of Power
  6. Eclipse
  7. Evil (vers. II)
  8. The Funeral Bonus
  9. The Death filled the Fate Bonus
  10. Untitled I Bonus
  11. Untitled II Bonus
  12. Untitled III Bonus