Goatcraft - Olethros (Όλεθρος) (CD)

Goatcraft - Olethros (Όλεθρος) (CD)

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First major release from this new Slovakian cult!

όλεθρος (OLETHROS) is a debut mini-album. It is a conceptual vision of the wandering of a soul into the Underworld and its uknown spheres. It deals with all its emotions and horrific sceneries one can experience on this journey. It offers five songs of death metal in old tradition with black metal influences combined with ambient passages with dark and unpleasant aura. Concept is also subtly inspired by ancient Greek mythology.


Track listing

  1. Isle of the Dead
  2. Temples of the Underworld
  3. Cataclysmic Monuments
  4. Graveless
  5. Abominations
  6. At the Nightside Dawn
  7. Morbid Call
  8. Deathrite
  9. Chthonic Crevices
  10. Down Below
  11. Invocation of Death
  12. Dreadful Dimensions
  13. Far from Elysian Fields