Karbonized Traitor - Take it in the Ass (CD)

Karbonized Traitor - Take it in the Ass (CD)

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Sado cyber punk metal. This is some fucking black n'roll, full of blasphemies, sex and bad taste. Includes some covers of IMPALED NAZARENE, LOUDPIPES, JOHNNY CASH and LED ZEPPELIN.


Track listing

  1. Beef Curtains
  2. Fucking Traitor
  3. When I Plug Your Sister's Holes
  4. Cock Eater
  5. We Are Satan's Generation
  6. Purulent Slut Maniak
  7. Go Down on Me
  8. Ring of Fire
  9. Scumbag Crush Manifesto
  10. Communication Breakdown (Led Zeppelin cover)
  11. Fuck You Fucking Fuck
  12. Downhill Blues