Antichristian Kommando - Black Goat Rituals (CD)

Antichristian Kommando - Black Goat Rituals (CD)

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Swiss black n roll filth! Raw black / thrash / Crust.


Track listing

  1. Ritus Sanguis
  2. Ossuary Misery
  3. Chaos Legions of Hell
  4. Profane Dark Arts
  5. God Crushing Black 'n' Roll
  6. Black Goat Rituals
  7. Chalice of Nightmares
  8. Black Death
  9. Possessed by Evil Curses
  10. Outro (In Eternal Devotion)


Apart from that, the usual influences from the early Norwegian black metal is also pretty obvious, with the coldness and the bleak atmosphere conjured and brought about by the riffs of Nocturnus Dominus at times bearing rather strong influence of bands like Gorgoroth or Tsjuder. Chaos Legions of Hell and God Crushing Black n Roll even bring about some slight thrash and punk edge, bringing bands like Urgehal or Endezma to mind, complete with crusty d-beats. The opening riffs of the former would have even easily fit on an 80s thrash record. - 4/5