Voltumna - Ciclope (Digipak CD)

Voltumna - Ciclope (Digipak CD)

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Ciclope will be heavey as a Giant, atmospheric as the mist and evoking as dark ritual chorus all mixed as the band has already done in the past. It is the band most expressive and introspective work. Every song is a part a step of this deep path into the unknown, where reality and mythic visions are one thing. Where did we become from? And where will we arrive? This is the double spiral and the Etruscans knew it well.
10 tracks of absolutely mystic extreme metal music.


Track listing

  1. Entering the Wrong Circle
  2. Collapsed Island
  3. The Megalithic Circle
  4. Cosmos
  5. La furia dei ciclopi
  6. Divine Bloodline
  7. Hybris
  8. The Double Spiral
  9. When Giants Walk This Earth
  10. Sublime Astral Conception