Abomination - Demos (Digipak CD)

Abomination - Demos (Digipak CD)

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Along with DEATH STRIKE, SPECKMANN PROJECT and FUNERAL BITCH, ABOMINATION is the last of the many aliases used by Paul Speckmann at some point of his career to carry out his vision while for one reason or another, MASTER had to be put on the backburner for a while. But whereas all the others proved to be short-lived affairs, ABOMINATION turned out to be a much more solid and productive affair, producing two full-lenghts and one EP in the process. Yet, this is where it all started... As Speckmann reveals himself in the extensive liner notes included with this deluxe LP, the beast awoken after he had met drummer Aaron Nicklas in 1986 while trying to keep FUNERAL BITCH afloat. Even if ABOMINATION was already an active band, it's the combination of both Speckmann and Nicklas, completed by a series of guitar players, that really set things in motion.

Compiled here together and officially sanctioned by the band, their first two demos recordings from 1988 and 1989, simply known as the 'Red Demo' and the 'Black Demo', are reunited here for the first time. Even if MASTER longtime fans will be able to instantly recognize Speckmann's vitriolic stance and even some former MASTER/DEATH STRIKE material re-recorded ("The Truth"), ABOMINATION punkier and more hardcore-tinged approach set them apart from the start. So here's your chance to once again hear this historical piece of proto-death metal, another vivid proof that the word 'compromise' has never been part of Paul Speckmann vocabulary.


Track listing

  1. Victim of the Future
  2. Social Outcast
  3. Raping the Grave
  4. Possession
  5. Doomed by the Living
  6. The Truth
  7. Over the Edge
  8. Reformation
  9. Impending Doom
  10. Curse of the Deadly Sin
  11. Tunnel of Damnation
  12. Follower