Opposition Party - Zombified (CD)

Opposition Party - Zombified (CD)

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Singaporean thrash / hardcore. First half of the CD includes re-recorded songs originally from their very raw 90's releases.

Songs 1-4 are revamped songs originally from Brain Fucked 7" 1992, songs 5-6 are revamped songs originally from It's Our Lives demo 1990.


Track listing

  1. Zombie
  2. Taking Us for Fools
  3. Ignorance
  4. Brain Fucked
  5. Control Your Mind
  6. Ever Wonder Why
  7. It's Chaos
  8. Because
  9. Not the Way to Live
  10. Land of Hope and Glory
  11. As Good as Dead


Remember Sacred Reich, the killer 80's Thrash Metal outfit that combined political diatribes with brain-melting Thrash Metal riffs? Well, welcome to the chaos-driven world of Opposition Party, where outrage has a voice and that voice is fucking pissed-off. Combining elements of Hardcore and Thrash Metal with a jolting clarity of vision, Opposition Party has managed to craft a sound that is as unique as it is powerful and explosive. There's even a track entitled "Ignorance" which may or may not be a tip of the hat to the aforementioned Sacred Reich. One of the most enjoyable and punishing Thrash Metal albums I've heard in years, Zombified fucking KILLS!!! - 5/5