The Batallion - Head Up High (CD)

The Batallion - Head Up High (CD)

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After the success with their debut entitled "Stronghold Of Men" they've kept their heads up high and are now ready with yet again a hard hitting straight on your nose thrash metal attack only THE BATALLION knows how to perform! Features ex-members of BORKNAGAR, DEATHCON, and TAAKE.


Track listing

  1. Mind My Step
  2. Head Up High
  3. When Death Becomes Dangerous
  4. Within the Frame of the Graveyard
  5. Thick Skinned and Weatherbitten
  6. Each Man for Himself
  7. Undertakers
  8. 20 Paces to Death
  9. Where There Is Smoke There Is Fire
  10. The Roaring Grandfather
  11. Bring Out Your Dead


Head Up High is still an album well worth owning, a lovable visitation to the realms of the dead if not forgotten tones of the band's influences, thrilling through a large number of spins. It's easily better than the band's debut Stronghold of Men from 2008, so if you fancy a blast from the past in the face of the present, have at it. - 4/5