Tudor - Antikrist: The Best of 2006 (Cassette)

Tudor - Antikrist: The Best of 2006 (Cassette)

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2006 only refers to the date this tape was compiled, the material comes from the cult early releases 1990-1992!!

Forged into this great tape, 10 ancient cult compositions taken from the rare demo and album recordings, including an unreleased live hymn during the devil's career of this one of the true cult bands from the obscure East European underground, installed in 87! This long-standing, widely respected Czechoslovakian underground gods has been well deserved and well received for their such original late 80s/early 90s East-Euro black thrash metal sound!


Track listing

  1. Kremace svatých
  2. Antikrist
  3. Destrukce mozku
  4. Král Kanybal
  5. Skeletor II
  6. Pohřeb
  7. Obrazy bitev
  8. Smrtihlav
  9. Vánoční mše
  10. Kremace svatých II