Drudkh - Songs of Grief and Solitude (Пісні скорботи і самітності) (2010 Reissue) (CD)

Drudkh - Songs of Grief and Solitude (Пісні скорботи і самітності) (2010 Reissue) (CD)

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DRUDKH's much sought after fifth masterpiece Songs of Grief and Solitude is released anew with carefully restored and remastered sound. The album surprises as a stunning acoustic detour, which reveals the deep folklore roots of the Ukrainians long before the current trend in the metal scene. Follow DRUDKH once more on a journey to freedom, self determination and enlightenment cast into a glorious musical shape!


Track listing

  1. Захід Сонця в Карпатах (Sunset in Carpathians)
  2. Сльози Богів (Tears of Gods)
  3. Стародавній Танець (Archaic Dance)
  4. Чумацький Шлях (The Milky Way)
  5. Чому Буває Сумне Сонце (Why the Sun Becomes Sad)
  6. Журавлі Ніколи Не Повернуться Сюди (The Cranes Will Never Return Here)
  7. Сивий Степ (Grey-Haired Steppe)


Songs Of Grief And Solitude is a rather peculiar item in Drudkh's discography, being an entirely acoustic and almost fully instrumental work, with no metal elements in it whatsoever. Every track is a down-hearted, melancholic paean to some dark and beautiful folk tale, and the music on offer paints a picture of grassy highlands, wooden shacks, and campfire stories with bitter, bloody conclusions. In the way the guitars are played, you can hear the strains of their more relaxing take on summery Black Metal, the kind of thing that graced albums such as Autumn Aurora, and no matter how you look at it, this is still the sound of the Ukrainian mystery at work. - 4/5