Andhord - Pleroma of Uncreation (LP)

Andhord - Pleroma of Uncreation (LP)

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The veil is torn once again and ANDHORD are back with their first EP after three years sunk in the loudest silence. Pleroma of Uncreation is a sophisticated triad which will feast upon the blind and rejoice with those whose eyes are open. Expect no mercy in this 22 minute-long nightmare plagued with tortuous riffs, vile vocals and carefully crafted melodies that will drown the incautious, a combination sustained by the most vicious drumming and the transcribed visions of terror and spectral manifestations of awe. Fans of a dense, vibrant and cryptic brand of Black Metal will enjoy this grandiose monument to iniquity. The most primeval darkness falls upon the listener with every note. This is a one-way trip into the abyss.