Ravens Creed - The Power (LP)

Ravens Creed - The Power (LP)

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Ben Ward may have jumped ship to focus on ORANGE GOBLIN but as proven on last year vibrant EP 'Nestless & Wild' on DOOMENTIA, RAVENS CREED have lost none of their earth-shattering power! As a matter of fact, still featuring a cast of A-class metal veterans - Fraser Craske from SABBAT on bass, Jay Graham from SKYCLAD on drums and Steve Watson from cult death-metal squad DESCERATOR on six-strings attack - but now with the addition of Al Osta on vocals, they way sound even more pissed off than before on their sophomore release. As they say the proof is in the pudding. And with a title as simple and in-your-face as 'The Power', they're in for the kill with thirteen new blasts of proto thrash / death the old-school. Thirteen nuclear nuggets recorded in Notthingham earlier this year that rarely go beyond the two minutes mark and don't even bother beating around the bush. This is one album to get violent to while being damn drunk as a skunk.


Track listing

  1. The Power
  2. Bashed In
  3. Bloody Luxury
  4. Wiccan Wanderers
  5. War Cauldron
  6. Raped by the Graveside
  7. Rat Kill Rosary
  8. Kick to Kill
  9. Buried in the Bin
  10. Atomic Fist
  11. Inappropriate Eulogy
  12. Horse Fucker
  13. The Slaughter House
  14. Silence in the Crow Court
  15. Woman and Children First
  16. Unleash the Rat Bashers