Altar - Dark Domains: 1989-1995 (CD)

Altar - Dark Domains: 1989-1995 (CD)

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One of Sweden's oldest death metal demons ALTAR is now resurrected with "Dark Domains", spanning their short-lived but impactful career in the Swedish underground death metal scene.

Remastered by none other than the Lord of Swedeath metal Dan Swano at Unisound Studio, Sweden and finally packaged in a professional CD format, "Dark Domains" features entirely remastered tracks together with rare and never-before-seen band photos carefully hand-picked by the band, "Dark Domains" is the ultimate ALTAR collector's gem that every old-school death metal fans will ever need to possess!


Track listing

  1. Nothing Human
  2. Lifeless Passion
  3. Daymare / A Message from the Grave
  4. Decapitated
  5. Ex Oblivione
  6. Sleeping Prophet
  7. Floodgates of Emotions
  8. Darklight
  9. Violent Acts
  10. Days Forever Grey
  11. Severed on the Attic
  12. Decapitated
  13. Hallucinations
  14. No Flesh...
  15. Instrumental
  16. Severed on the Attic
  17. No Flesh...