At the Gates - Terminal Spirit Disease (2003 Reissue) (CD)

At the Gates - Terminal Spirit Disease (2003 Reissue) (CD)

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Includes three bonus live tracks (in addition to the original three live tracks from the original release) recorded at Nottingham Rock City for MTV Headbangers Ball on 27 July 1993.

AT THE GATES formed in Gothenburg, Sweden in 1990. Intense death metal - mixing a ferocious blend of distinct melody and brutal riffs into a sound that was extreme yet remained memorably listenable. In their 6 year history the five piece built a solid reputation for delivering great albums and frenetic live performances. The band recorded 3 albums for Peaceville Records, The Red In The Sky Is Ours, Terminal Spirit Disease and With Fear I Kiss The Burning Darkness, after which the band re-located to Earache Records to record their final album, Slaughter Of The Soul. In 1996 after an incredible 5 tours in 1 year, stress took its toll and Anders and Jonas Bjorler, decided enough was enough and left the band. The rest of the band members felt unable to carry on without its core members and AT THE GATES were no more. Anders & Jonas went on the form THE HAUNTED while drummer Adrian is now the permanent sticksman for CRADLE OF FILTH. Tomas, the prolific front man now sings with Peaceville rising stars, THE GREAT DECEIVER. Terminal Spirit Disease was originally released in 1994.


Track listing

  1. The Swarm
  2. Terminal Spirit Disease
  3. And the World Returned
  4. Forever Blind
  5. The Fevered Circle
  6. The Beautiful Wound
  7. All Life Ends (Live)
  8. The Burning Darkness (Live)
  9. Kingdom Gone (Live)