Ayahuaira - El Poder de la Divinidad... El Dominio de la Verdadera Fuerza Suprema (CD)

Ayahuaira - El Poder de la Divinidad... El Dominio de la Verdadera Fuerza Suprema (CD)

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Peruvian pagan black metal! Collects their two demos, the only material recorded until the band reformed in 2009.


Track listing

  1. Intro / Sacrificios
  2. Ayahuaira
  3. Chopjas
  4. Aynis (Cantos de Guerra)
  5. Cuntur
  6. El Poder de la Divinidad
  7. Chopjas Atipac
  8. Poderoso Bosque de Piedras Bonus
  9. Qawax
  10. El Dominio de la Verdadera Fuerza Suprema
  11. Colla de los Andes
  12. Iniciacion
  13. En Tierras Paganas
  14. Ayachaquinan


The plan is the following: they try to capture all the splendor of their ancestral culture and combine it with the raw atmosphere of Black Metal. I should say they do it pretty sure even if there's a lot of technical mistakes along their repertory. But there's a big plus against those mistakes, which I see in the total dedication of AYAHUAIRA's members towards the music they admire and they play. Because they do it with a deep feeling and with a big respect to middle 80s and early 90s Black Metal bands' heritage! In short, their evident influences are come from the early materials of BATHORY (especially it reminded me when those gloomy acoustic parts appear throughout their songs), but BURZUM had also a big influence when we are talking about the slow depressive parts, while the fast ones are reminiscent more of the MARDUK-type of blasting tempos. - 5/5