Azure Emote - Chronicles of an Aging Mammal (CD)

Azure Emote - Chronicles of an Aging Mammal (CD)

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The leader of the band, Mike Hrubovcak (MONSTROSITY, VILE, DIVINE RAPTURE), can realize now musical ideas that cannot be expressed in his home bands. He invited some of his friend musicians and so new album called Chronicles of an Aging Mammal was born. 11 melodic death metal songs with avant-garde influences of ULVER, ARCTURUS, STRAPPING YOUNG LAD or RED HARVEST like bands. In some tracks you can hear the ethereal voice of Laurie Ann Hause (RAIN FELL WITHIN, AUTUMN TEARS, TODESBONDEN).


Track listing

  1. Clarity Thru Apathy
  2. Complex 25
  3. Joy on the Face of Extinction
  4. Justified End
  5. Cosmic Tear
  6. Procreation Abnegation
  7. Behind These Speechless Eyes
  8. Submerged (in Hollow Realistics)
  9. March of Chemical Pessimism
  10. Misanthropic Disgust
  11. Dementia (Reflections of the Elderly and Infirmed)