Black Oath - To Below and Beyond (CD)

Black Oath - To Below and Beyond (CD)

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Italian doom has often been synonymous with cryptic lyrics, occult atmospheres and a somehow peculiar music that takes inspiration as much from its metal elders than from the progressive scene. And while BLACK OATH showcase all those elements, they've nevertheless always stood head and shoulders above the rest. Put together by guitarist, occasional bass player and vocalist in 2006, they've always sounded like no-one else with their high sensibility and somehow more refined sound, even with lyrics could frighten even the most seasoned black-metal fans.

Even after 'Ov Qliphoth and Darkness' in 2013 that met only unanimous praise, their third proper full-length 'To Below and Beyond' still takes things even further. Their first recording with new guitarist BR is both epic and carefully crafted in sound while soothing vocals and delicate arrangements still retain that dark and menacing touch, like an iron fist in a velvet glove. A fifty minutes long loose concept about alchemy, mysticism and the fall of Man, this an album with a class in its own, the rare capacity to take the listeners on a journey to the other side. If it was to be a movie, it would be a 70's Dario Argento about the lost treasure of the Templar that ends in a grandiloquent bloodbath as the Great Horned One takes over.


Track listing

  1. Donum Dei
  2. Wicked Queen
  3. I Am Athanor
  4. Mysterion
  5. Flesh to Gold
  6. Sermon Through Fire
  7. Healing Hands of Time
  8. To Below and Beyond (Ars Diaboli)