Burial Hex - Book of Delusions (2012 Reissue) (CD)

Burial Hex - Book of Delusions (2012 Reissue) (CD)

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During the period in which Clay Ruby first began working on this piece of art, he had become so completely surrounded by evil and deception that he was forced to begin summoning a particularly extreme and ancient force of protection and vitality just to make it alive through the end of 2008. Aside from spiritually fortifying Ruby's life, the complexities of these new elemental entities brought with them circumstances causing a much more rich and intense recording experience than he could have ever composed on his own. Classic horror electronics and post-industrial apocalyptic soundscapes with unsettling notes, anguished cries and voices of the dead. His most ritualistic album yet. Reissue of the extremely limited LP with bonus tracks taken from the split LPs with Kinit Her and Zola Jesus, all available on CD for the first time! All tracks have been carefully remastered.


Track listing

  1. Final Litany
  2. Urlicht
  3. Crowned & Conquering Child
  4. The Book Of Delusions
  5. God Of War And Battle
  6. Storm Clouds
  7. Go Crystal Tears
  8. Temple Of The Flood


Book of Delusions features black industrial atmospherics, but it also intelligently welds elements of power electronics, analogue electronics, chamber piano scores cut with black metal vocals into an impressive ritualistic horror film soundtrack styling. This Cold Spring CD edition features all the tracks from the vinyl issue of Book of Delusions, accompanied by the Burial Hex contributions to split vinyl releases with Kinit Her and Zola Jesus. - 5/5