Deceiver - Thrashing Heavy Metal (CD)

Deceiver - Thrashing Heavy Metal (CD)

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Strategically reunited for a new album, Sweden's DECEIVER launches a final full-length album entitled Thrashing Heavy Metal. Traces of early MERCYFUL FATE, KING DIAMOND and JUDAS PRIEST are easily evident and impeccably fused with the aggression of thrash metal.

Thrashing Heavy Metal is without a doubt one of the finest swansong album, and clearly to prove the point that thrash metal and heavy metal are both match made in Hell!


Track listing

  1. The Tail's of Whom in Shadows Fall
  2. Ghost of Souls & Inner Hate
  3. Graveyard Lover
  4. Coma of Death Toxication
  5. Machinery of God
  6. Blood of the Soul
  7. Dead to the World
  8. The Dungeon
  9. Legacy
  10. Thrashing Heavy Metal

Review the case of Deceiver's Thrashing Heavy Metal, one is getting exactly what is being advertised; this Swedish power trio (Pete Flesh on lead vocals and guitar, Crille Lundin on bass, and Flingan on drums -- really does provide heavy metal that is decidedly thrashy. The material on this 2008 recording is thrash metal with a strong awareness of death metal as well as power metal and punk. - 4/5