Diamond Head - The Best of Diamond Head (CD)

Diamond Head - The Best of Diamond Head (CD)

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Among the most important bands in the history of NWOBHM (ranked in the CD bio as the most important heavy rock act since Led Zeppelin), this CD collects tracks from their debut album "Lightning to the Nations" (originally self released in 1000 unmarked LPs) (1980), Borrowed Time (1982), Canterbury (1983).


Track listing

  1. It's Electric
  2. Shoot Out the Lights
  3. Helpless
  4. Sucking My Love
  5. In the Heat of the Night
  6. Call Me
  7. Lightning to the Nations
  8. Borrowed Time
  9. Am I Evil?
  10. Makin' Music
  11. Out of Phase
  12. Ishmael
  13. To the Devil His Due