Dodheimsgard - 666 International (2011 Reissue) (CD)

Dodheimsgard - 666 International (2011 Reissue) (CD)

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To fans of black metal, DØDHEIMSGARD need no introduction, being as they are one of the great purveyors of the Norwegian black metal creative evolution. The band was formed in 1994 by Aldrahn (THORNS) and Vicotnik (VED BUENS ENDE). The early incarnation was that of a raw and melodic black metal band, with their debut album also featuring Fenriz of Darkthrone on bass. The band quickly evolved, and by DØDHEIMSGARD's third album, 666 International, Vicotnik had taken over a lot of the writing duties, with DHG's style becoming more technical yet ferocious black metal, with strong experimental ideas and industrial elements. Vicotnik's riffs were inspired by cult bands such as Thorns, and perfectly entwined with Aldrahn's delightfully twisted lyrics and immense vocals to create something truly unique. In its 666 International incarnation, DHG - as they were later to be known - featured a line-up of well-respected Norwegian musicians including Czral (AURA NOIR, VED BUENS ENDS, VIRUS), Apollyon (AURA NOIR, IMMORTAL), plus Mr Magic Logic (FLEURETY) on keyboards, as the album was constructed over a period of time. All in all '666 International' is rightly regarded as a highly influential masterpiece of avant-garde metal by many since its release in 1999.


Track listing

  1. Shiva-Interfere
  2. Ion Storm
  3. Carpet Bombing
  4. Regno Potiri
  5. Final Conquest
  6. Logic
  7. Sonar Bliss
  8. Magic
  9. Completion
  10. Haemorrhage-Era One Reconstructed
  11. Proton Navigator (mixed by Yusef Parvez for this release)


Every black metal possible experimentations has been given a try on 666 International, for the better or for the worst, all depending on how far you can actually take it, and it's as much death, thrash, black and rock metal music here as it is noise and ambient related there - usually at the same time! From pure mayhem blast beat chaos to slick, techno avant-garde rock, Vicotnik and his super-hero mates cover it all up around here. Come and discover how sick and perverted excessively aggressive attitudes in music can become in the right (or wrong) hands. Only for those who can find real pleasure deep in pure psychosomatic madness and drug-infused cosmic fantasies. - 4/5