Godless Priests - Est Nihil, Infinitio ad Vos et Ego (CD-R)

Godless Priests - Est Nihil, Infinitio ad Vos et Ego (CD-R)

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Godless Priests is a new USBM solo-project formed in 2009 by Kriglord Blodmane - also guitarist with OTHENDARA. Est Nihil, Infinitio Ad Vos Et Ego, which translates to "Is Nothing, Eternity To You And I", is the 2010 follow-up to last years debut demo No Prayer in Hell.

No Hope + No Gods

Raw black metal with guiding leads and creative guitar work, at times not too far from the later OTHENDARA material (although nothing has been publicly released in seven years). There are also several experimental keyboard instrumentals and an excellent use of acoustic and electric layers on the intro/outro.

Hailing from Kansas City MO USA. Seven tracks of melodic black art for misanthropes and nihilists. This is music for mutilating flesh, and ending fucking life!


Track listing

  1. Intro - The Bleak October Skies
  2. In Forest Solitude and Night's Fog
  3. Severing Roots
  4. Est Nihil, Infinitio ad Vos et Ego
  5. Unto the Godless All Dominion
  6. Outro - Where Sorrow Glistens
  7. Enslaved by the Dreams of Obscurity