Inferius Torment - Your God Liar (CD)

Inferius Torment - Your God Liar (CD)

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30 minutes of venomous, aggressive, satanic and non compromised black metal from Russia.


Track listing

  1. War Against Christianity (Intro)
  2. Primordial Hate
  3. Dethronement of Gods Creation
  4. Blazing Church
  5. Enslavement Christianity
  6. Infernal Hail, Satanas!
  7. Eternal Darkness
  8. Exterminate Humanity Planet
  9. Hate to Fucked Sky


Russian is the blasphemy extracted from this album. IT's black metal is satanic to no end, raw and of an old school blasphemy. Those who hail the mentioned above, shall be satisfied with your god Liar. IT invites one to merge with their own truth. - 4/5