North - Demo'ns of Fire 93/94 (CD)

North - Demo'ns of Fire 93/94 (CD)

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Collects the very first NORTH demos! Entering the Dark Kingdom (1993), As My Kingdom Rises (1993), Promo 94.

Long awaited compilation with legendary NORTH demos finally out! Pure original form - without remastering or any other changes.


Track listing

  1. Entering the Dark Kingdom
  2. Hymn to Winter
  3. The Last Battle
  4. I'm the Return
  5. Through My Blood
  6. Hymn to Winter
  7. Entering the Dark Kingdom
  8. In the Circle of the Kings
  9. The Heretic Kingdom
  10. Purity of the Tyrants
  11. Ages of the Reign
  12. December Thoughts
  13. The Freezing Moon