Zlo - Signum Diabolicum (CD)

Zlo - Signum Diabolicum (CD)

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ZLO (Evil) unleash their debut album, the follow-up to the 2006 demo Evangelium 666; Signum Diabolicum!
The lineup includes members of MANIAC BUTCHER (Vlad Blasphemer), CULT OF FIRE, DETONATOR 666, and DIAGON.
Czech black metal inspired by Czech masters most notably MASTER'S HAMMER, although the album brings a much more individual sound than the demo.


Track listing

  1. Návrat mocností pekelných
  2. Řev pelka
  3. Temná touha
  4. Bouře hněvu
  5. Zlá kletba
  6. Poslední úder zvonu
  7. Signum Diabolicum
  8. Věčný návrat (Master's Hammer cover)