21 Lucifers - In the Name of... (CD)

21 Lucifers - In the Name of... (CD)

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Sweden's death / grind / thrash sensation, 21 LUCIFERS, with members from highly acclaimed Swedish Death Metal acts WITHOUT GRIEF and GENOCRUSH FEROX, has received nothing but praises in Swedish and international metal press for their previous recordings and as a live act. "In The Name Of..." was recorded and produced in Black Lounge Studios by Jonas Kjellgren (SCAR SYMMETRY, QUEST OF AIDANCE). Be prepared to get knocked out by this explosion of hyper-agressive lyrics, furious speed, catchy hooks and bursting breakdowns!



21 Lucifers are quite adept at performing their extreme metal in a very concise way, combining elements of thrash, death and black metal. The band convinces with neck breaking speed which especially on Violence seems to aim for a world record. Other highlights are the grind-like Hope Fades and the surprisingly atmospheric Despair. In between, 21 Lucifers always find some room for breaks and catchy hooks, this preventing boredom and making their CD a treat for every fan of extreme metal music. - 4/5