A.I.D.S. - Syndrome of the End Approaching (CD)

A.I.D.S. - Syndrome of the End Approaching (CD)

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CD version of the limited LP released by Serpens Caput. Different tracklisting than the LP, with new intro, added three interludes and an AUTOPSY cover. Crude, filthy black metal. The soundtrack of the apocalypse. This is the beginning of the end.


Track listing

  1. Intro
  2. Prelude to Hadadrimmon
  3. Mourning of Hadadrimmon
  4. Noumenon Filter
  5. Necrovore
  6. Hoc Est Enim Corpus Meum
  7. Paranoia and Fevers in Sodom
  8. Frykter
  9. Calling of Hounds
  10. Dead (Autopsy cover) (live)
  11. Interlude I
  12. Command to Serve
  13. Interlude II
  14. Œechgraaf Lampaenn
  15. Interlude III
  16. Shit Stains Spread onto the Pages of the Bible