Abandon - Never-ending Black Torrent of Death (Cassette)

Abandon - Never-ending Black Torrent of Death (Cassette)

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Cassette version of first ABANDON release - harsh black metal project of Vintyr (BASILISK)!!! Limited to 300 copies.

An exploration of claustrophobic isolation from Vintyr of BASILISK. Insistently bleak and demanding of your senses, it pulls you deeper into oblivion with each torn string.
Bearing similarities with the French Black Legions, musically, and sharing a misanthropic dementia that dies and bleeds bleak resonance through the guitar discharge. This is a true expression of the innermost emotional black, a moment to lose any connection with the world and escape into an abyssal ocean of seclusion.
Slow, desperate paced Black Metal dragging through time and howled deceasing vocals that utter foul vitriol's of your future. Minimal but efficient drummachine lurks in the distance with the pulsing-vein bass drum, the only sign of life. Which eventually ceases.
Technically, the expressiveness is allowed to evolve without being constrained behind a barrier of white-noise. But do not consider this an easy listen, the murderous intent is audible but equally vicious!


Track listing

  1. Abandon
  2. Cold Blessed
  3. Black Torrent
  4. Shackled
  5. Glory of Disease