Abigail - Ultimate Unholy Death (2020 Reissue) (LP)

Abigail - Ultimate Unholy Death (2020 Reissue) (LP)

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A long-overdue vinyl reissue of ABIGAIL's fourth studio album from 2005, and an album dedicated to the memory of Kurt Struebing of NME. Ultimate Unholy Death represents a milestone in ABIGAIL's evolution from a more traditionally-defined black metal band to one that began infusing elements of thrash and metal punk, in a similar vein to that of MOTÖRHEAD, to achieve a sexually-depraved and alcohol-soaked sound that has become its current trademark.


Track listing

  1. Bitch! Your My Angel
  2. Shoot to Kill and Die
  3. Satanik Metal Fucking Hell
  4. Hell's Necromancer
  5. Black Princess of Hell
  6. I Am Holocaust
  7. Ready for Fucking Drunk
  8. Metal Got Sick
  9. Nuclear Warheads
  10. Beer! Metal! Sex!