Abominator - Barbarian War Worship (CD)

Abominator - Barbarian War Worship (CD)

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Remastered collection of Australian war metal barbarity!! Both of the original demos are included: Barbarian War Worship (1995) and The Conqueror Possessed (1997) with four bonus tracks.

Originally released in 2010, this is the first time on CD. Released in 2015.


Track listing

  1. Intro / War Worship
  2. Hordes of Impurity
  3. The Darkest Sabbat
  4. Black Nuclear Mists (Holocaustic Swarm)
  5. Sepulchral Vomit
  6. The Filthy Spirit Antichrist / Outro
  7. The Conqueror Possessed
  8. Damnations Prophecy
  9. A Luciferian Path to Destruction
  10. Debauchery (The Sinners Hammer)
  11. Blood of the Damned
  12. Urge to Retaliate
  13. Infernal Tides