Abominator - Nuctemeron Descent (CD)

Abominator - Nuctemeron Descent (CD)

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Australian war metal, third album.


Track listing

  1. Dimensions of Mammon Enshroud
  2. Cascading Carnage
  3. Necrosexual Thrust
  4. Intoxicated with Satanic Hate
  5. Black Flames of Expulsion
  6. Scourge Immortalised
  7. Nuctemeron Descent
  8. Hymn to Baphomet
  9. The Ultimate Ordinance of Obliteration


The pace is full speed, guitar dominated chaos, and the most brutal yet. Black Flames of Expulsion and the final song, The Ultimate Ordinance of Obliteration, stand out from the rest slightly, though all songs are of similar quality. This is a fine release that plants Abominator squarely in the middle of the pack of their contemporaries and well worth possessing if you are a fan of the style. - 4/5