Abscess - Horrorhammer (CD)

Abscess - Horrorhammer (CD)

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ABSCESS hail from Oakland California and started life in 1994. Horrorhammer is their debut album for Tyrant Syndicate Productions, the sub-label of Peaceville. For the few who won't know, Chris Reifert & Danny Coralles are both founder members of late 80's / early 90's gore metal kings, AUTOPSY, who were signed to Peaceville for 4 albums. Chris also started his career in the 80's with the classic metal band, DEATH. The DARKTHRONE guys had been long-time fans of both ABSCESS and AUTOPSY and thought that the band would suit the attitude and mentality of their Tyrant Syndicate label perfectly, so in early 2006 a deal was completed and work swiftly began on the new album and seventh full-length release, Horrorhammer. Horrorhammer was recorded in late June 2006 and features 12 tracks of filthy punk-fuelled death. It was recorded by long time cohort Adam Munoz at Prairie Sun Studios, where POSSESSED recorded the classic Seven Churches album.


Track listing

  1. Drink the Filth
  2. New Diseases
  3. Poison Messiah
  4. Another Private Hell
  5. Exterminate
  6. When Witches Burn
  7. Four Grey Walls
  8. Beneath a Blood Red Sun
  9. Horrorhammer
  10. Hellhole
  11. March of the Plague
  12. The Eternal Pyre