Abscession - Grave Offerings (CD)

Abscession - Grave Offerings (CD)

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Debut album, Swedish death metal.


Track listing

  1. Where Sleeping Gods Dwell
  2. Gargoyle
  3. In My Coffin
  4. Cabin 13
  5. Blowtorch Blues
  6. Freshly Dug Graves
  7. Plague Bearer
  8. The Ruiner
  9. Engorged with Gore
  10. Downfall (Part 1)


Abscession's sound can be best described as a mixture of Florida and Swedish death metal, for example consider merging Deicide with Evocation and you pretty much get the idea. Therefore, heavy and fast riffs shine through the walls of guitars, supported by a deep lying bass and powerful, sometimes technical drums. The harsh vocals are very strong on this album, showing an awesome technique of growling and a perfect balance between understandable words and snorting sounds from hell. While we're at it, some lyrics thematize H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu mythos, which should be reason enough to give this album a spin. - 4/5