Absinthropy - Smitciv-Victims (CD-R)

Absinthropy - Smitciv-Victims (CD-R)

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Like Lifelover, Joyless, early Alcest, Have a Nice Life and others; Absinthropy exist within the sphere of black metal but choose to incorporate a wildly diverse set of influences which are typically disconnected. The guitars are often melancholic recalling 90's alternative and post-rock/shoegaze, you will also hear doom and and traditional black metal (Journeying Through The Amphetasinthe). Vocals range from sung to howled. Blackened Dissonant Rock from Leamington Spa, but also highly recommended for followers of Depressive Black Metal, any of the bands referenced above and their contemporaries!

The final four songs, 'Side II', features guest contributions with vocals and lyrics for each by Glomor (Pale Mist), Imperial (Krieg), Hinksman (Towers of Flesh) and Siani (Wasted).


Track listing

  1. The Bottle
  2. Mal Du Pays
  3. Seven Claret Seas
  4. By The Third Chime
  5. In Mind
  6. Opaque Words From Silver Tongue
  7. Nostalgic Plague Of Negativity
  8. Journeying Through The Amphetasinthe
  9. Absinthropy
  10. In Memory
  11. A Cloud In The Sky
  12. Victim IV
  13. Devoured Virtue
  14. A Forest Ablaze