Absolute Key - My Mortal Share / The Towers (EP)

Absolute Key - My Mortal Share / The Towers (EP)

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All copies on color vinyl. Varying degrees of green and blue vinyl. No two copies are identical.

"My Mortal Share / Towers", a seven inch EP by an obscure black metal / noise / industrial artist ABSOLUTE KEY, is the work of a sick man. Ridden with a blood disease, A. Klemi, the sole member of the band, faced the gates of the unknown last Autumn, and from those experiences this EP was born.

"My Mortal Share", a mid-tempo piece full of the dirtiest screeches and ethereal wails somewhere between industrial and SUMMONING, paints a vision of a prisoner: where are the boundaries of our physical and spiritual existence, and is it possible to break these chains in the pressure of the overwhelming universe?
B-side "Towers" is a soundscape of Above and Below, a man's never ending quest for truth and rebellion. How can we rip the heavens apart when our hands are tied by our own materialism? Musically "Towers" is a more abstract piece of work, combining slow rhythms, religious sound imagery and agonizing screams – being a modern psalm, perhaps?


Track listing

  1. My Mortal Share
  2. The Towers