Abusiveness - Trioditis (CD) Abusiveness - Trioditis (CD)

Abusiveness - Trioditis (CD)

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After a few years of silence, one of the most distinguished black metal hordes from Poland returns. New album brings even darker and ruthless face of band. Furious, amazing and incredibly varied vocals. Fierce guitars spitting out destroying riffs. Massive and fast drums. Hard line of the music is mixed with great melodies on this album. Fanatic, pagan, antichristian lyrics sung in Polish and one in Ukrainian. Impressive, dark graphics by Sonneillon from B.o.P. Lyrics in Polish and English are to be found in a 16-page booklet. "Trioditis" is pure heathen hate aimed at enemy. Third ABUSIVENESS album is faster, more blasphemous and murderous. Album released in a standard case. All copies hand numbered. CD with special graphic pressing.


Track listing

  1. Odmrocze/Trioditis
  2. Chwala pozostanie
  3. Legiony Slonca
  4. Poludnica
  5. W wichrze wzniesione pochodnie
  6. Na zgliszczach
  7. Prychovanyj Boh
  8. Droga zemsty
  9. Wieczornica
  10. Niklot
  11. Hangatyr (Bog Wisielcow)
  12. Zamrocze


From the opening riffs of Odmrocze/Trioditis, one is already reminded of bands like Thunderbolt but it doesn't take long before the technical edge of the band comes about, what with the sweep-picking of guitarists Gonthy and Mscislaw, and the non-stop violent blasting of drummer Wizun, at times reminding listeners of Infernal War's Stormblast with the high speed and his drumming style. As the album progresses, Gonthy and Mscislaw up the technicality of the music as well, what with the insane guitar solo on songs like W wichrze wzniesione pochodnie. The high energy of the music is kept up almost constantly throughout the album and leaves one wondering how the band manages to attain such stamina. Vocalist Xaos tops up this violent onslaught with his semi-howling growling vocals, and on songs like Chwala pozostanie see the layering of haunting clean vocals with the growls. - 5/5