Abyssic Hate - A Decade of Hate (CD)

Abyssic Hate - A Decade of Hate (CD)

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Collects rare releases: Cleansing of an Ancient Race (1994 demo, original mix), Eternal Damnation (1998 MCD), Betrayed (1998 promo taken from No Colours Volume 2, later released as a limited cassette).

I have chosen the path of misery and sorrow and my skin will continue to wither and decay...


Track listing

  1. Intro (The Demon)
  2. From an Unknown Plane of Existence
  3. Cleansing of an Ancient Race
  4. Land of Impenetrable Darkness
  5. Damned for Eternity
  6. Tarrasque
  7. Bloodletting
  8. Eternal Damnation
  9. Knight of the Living Dead
  10. Human Despair
  11. Attack!
  12. The Blood War
  13. The Victory Is Ours (Absurd cover)
  14. Betrayed