Acatalepsy - Acatalepsy (CD) Acatalepsy - Acatalepsy (CD)

Acatalepsy - Acatalepsy (CD)

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Complex and challenging Death Metal from Scotland! Blending death and doom metal with a variety of other musical influences and diverse, technical songwriting! Acatalepsy members are also involved in Haar, Barshasketh, Of Spire & Throne, Erowid.

Limited edition self-released EP, 150 handnumbered copies. Pro-manufactured red CDr discs, 4 page booklet, folded card case and pvc sleeve.

True cognition escapes, enduring lore reigns


Track listing

  1. Expisis
  2. Nihillect
  3. Arideist Nightmare
  4. Quotidyst


Acatalepsy mix the brutal and the sublime effortlessly throughout the 4 tracks, and show that they have a wide musical vocabulary. With an original and thoughtful approach to the lyrics as well as the music, who knows what they could achieve in the future? - 5/5