Acolytes of Moros - The Wellspring (CD)

Acolytes of Moros - The Wellspring (CD)

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The debut album of the Swedish doom metal trio presents universal astral might that pushes the boundaries of the physical plane and seeps through the Wellspring of creation. ACOLYTES OF MOROS maintains the link that binds its life-waters to the dying world.
The Wellspring consists of five powerful and brooding tracks that explores the negative side of spirit. Expect the strength of REVEREND BIZARRE, REVELATION and BURZUM combined and unleashed in a vast fountain of melancholy!


Track listing

  1. Disenthralled from the Trammels of Deception
  2. A Yen to Relinquish and Evanesce
  3. Forbearance
  4. Quotidian
  5. Venerate the Dead