Aelter - Dusk Dawn / Follow You Beloved (Digipak 2CD)

Aelter - Dusk Dawn / Follow You Beloved (Digipak 2CD)

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A double disc collection of the first two vinyl releases (Dusk Dawn and Follow You Beloved) from AELTER, an offshoot of Idaho chamber doom sorcerers WOLVSERPENT. With AELTER, that same sound is stripped down to a haunting soundscape filled with eerier nocturnal keyboards, strains of delicate piano, crepuscular drones, spidery guitars, and washes of distant blackened metallic heaviness, like a smoke-weathered cross between EARTH and classic darkwave.


Track listing

  1. Dusk
  2. Dawn
  3. Beloved
  4. Follow You


The most on both Dusk Dawn & For You Beloved really seems post-discomfort and into a place where having accepted the bleak and the dark, you find yourself able to see the beauty in both. Make no mistake, this is beautiful music. - 5/5