Afgrund - Vid helvetets grindar (CD)

Afgrund - Vid helvetets grindar (CD)

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AFGRUND come from the Swedish school of grindcore: relentless blasts, beefy guitars, snarling vocals, and plenty of groove. Influenced heavily by the likes of NASUM and ROTTEN SOUND.


Track listing

  1. A Future Europe in Flames
  2. Noone Give a Fuck Anymore
  3. A Burning Cross on Your Perfect Lawn
  4. Förbrukningsartikel
  5. Inevitable Environmental Collapse
  6. Klinisk digital kyla
  7. T(h)rash Vortex
  8. Börja från noll
  9. The Empire
  10. Kuken som vapen
  11. The Great Cover-up Apocalypse
  12. Maskin-människa
  13. Kärnvapenbestyckad
  14. Death Lovers
  15. Löneslavar slå tillbaka