Agatus - The Eternalist (Cassette)

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Kaleidoscopic in its vision, with The Eternalist, AGATUS set a clear course toward older sounds and atmospheres: a golden ratio combining the feel of NWOBHM with '70s rock and everything that you have come to know and anticipate of these two brother musicians over the years. Vorskaath adds, "We decided to take an old-style hard rock/heavy metal approach that is manifest on every aspect of the album, from the performances and recording to the sounds we chose and the way we mixed. From the very first notes of The Eternalist, that feel is unmistakably there.


Track listing

  1. The Eternalist
  2. The Invisible (Fifth Portal to Atlantis)
  3. The Oath (of Magic and Fire)
  4. Gods of Fire
  5. Dreamer
  6. Perils of the Sea (Part II)
  7. At Dusk I Was Born
  8. Flight into Forever
  9. Gilgamesh
  10. To Last


Not only do we have a more produced (yet still a bit thin) sound here, but the record sees to include more clean vocal moments than any disc in the band's history. Harsh vocals are still utilized here and there, but they're most plentiful on only one cut, "The Invisible." Aside from that, these guys have taken a unequivocally different approach on The Eternalist which is only truly black metal in spirit. There are still some drum blasts to be found and maybe the odd tremolo or two (I'm not kidding) but for the most part, this record seems to be a melding of folk-influenced heavy metal and progressive rock. Yes, there are definitely some sixties inspired sections to be found right on the disc's opener (and title track) so you know exactly what you're getting from the start. - 4/5