Agressor - Deathreat (CD + DVD)

Agressor - Deathreat (CD + DVD)

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The French death thrash legends release Deathreat, a CD+DVD package that black marks the band's 20th anniversary. Their long awaited 8th studio recording sees the band incorporate elements of black metal into their ever evolving and always innovative, death metal style. And contrary to the popular belief that age slows you down, this is the fastest and most aggressive AGRESSOR album to date!
The package also includes a full length DVD containing a full concert recorded in Cannes, France in 2002, live and studio videos, a documentary of the Symposium of Rebirth recording session from 1994 as well as a historic photo gallery!
It's really been worth the wait...

Contents: DVD Bonus Including: Concert, Videos, Pictures and Rare Materials Never Released Before.


Track listing

  1. Deathreat
  2. When Darkness
  3. Nightmare Comes By
  4. Warrior Heart
  5. Lust of the Flesh
  6. War in Heaven
  7. Order of Chaos
  8. Giant of Old
  9. Transmutation
  10. Desolation
  11. Anger and Hate
  12. Agressor (Hellhammer Cover)


What's odd is that AGRESSOR has been around for 20 years and I've never even heard of them before, or maybe I have and just didn't know. The Fact of the matter is that AGRESSOR has made a fairly solid album that for the most part stays on its own two feet. But there are a handful of songs that just fall short, but this album is still a fine slab of headbanging goodness. - 4/5