Aherusia - And the Tides Shall Reveal the Traces (2010 Reissue) (CD)

Aherusia - And the Tides Shall Reveal the Traces (2010 Reissue) (CD)

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After a mass demand of the first sold out album, Aherusia's debut is available again, plus bonus DVD, including the official video clip "Lux Occulta", "As the Traces Lead To Visions" (Video artmovie), Special documentary and rare photo collection. Magnificent dark and melodic greek black metal!!! For fans of ROTTING CHRIST, VARATHRON and SEPTIC FLESH.

Our major lyrical orientation is about occultism, inner philosophy and the relationship among human and divine. We generally like to create albums that are bound in a form of a concept. So in "And the Tides Shall Reveal the Traces", we are narrating the stories of some heroes who - for various reasons, needs, bonds and purposes - demanded to acquire powers that exceed the limits that they have as existences in the universal equilibrium. Their passions are described through the prism of the tragic dialectic of ancient Hellenic drama. So I could say that Hellenic mythology or history is something that not only stands as a field of influence, but shapes also the way that we express ourselves.


Track listing

  1. Birth of Immortals
  2. Lux Occulta
  3. Methexis
  4. Beyond Death and Time
  5. Archangels
  6. Eros Aenaos
  7. To Our Ancestors
  8. As The Traces Lead To Visions
  9. Lux Occulta
  10. Domunentary
  11. Photo Session