Ain Sof Aur - Atra Serpens (CD)

Ain Sof Aur - Atra Serpens (CD)

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Brazilian import. The first step of Denial of the Gospel, ascending through the corrupted paths to achieve the illumination of the Black Sun. Killer orthodox black metal!


Track listing

  1. Conjurating Oblivion
  2. Aeons of Silence
  3. Celestial Moral
  4. Resquiessence in Abscess
  5. Marduk-Apla-Iddina-II
  6. Withered Husk of Amaziah
  7. The Call of the Sick
  8. Distress of Transgression


Atra Serpens is an album different from anything ever heard in black metal nowadays. Out of all the cliches of the style, Ain Sof Aur can show highly pure ideology both in their lyrics and instrumentals. It's a bomb that explodes slowly in 31 minutes of brutality. - 5/5