Aktiv Dodshjalp / Passiv Dodshjalp - Split (EP)

Aktiv Dodshjalp / Passiv Dodshjalp - Split (EP)

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So, the idea was to make a joke out of ourselves. You cannot really place two acts with almost the same name on a split, can you? Yes, we can, and we did. Here are the result. A raging split from track one, and it keeps going over on side two. All killer tracks! A must-have!


Track listing

  1. Aktiv Dodshjalp - Skuld
  2. Aktiv Dodshjalp - Lagg dig ner och do
  3. Aktiv Dodshjalp - Horn
  4. Passiv Dodshjalp - Tomma skal, doda sjalar
  5. Passiv Dodshjalp - Ingen talan
  6. Passiv Dodshjalp - Da allt du alskar har forgorts