Aleksandr Matochkin - Traditional Woeful Folksongs of Russian Kin (Digipak CD)

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Traditional folk songs performed by student and collector of the Russian folk tradition, Александр Маточкин. Most of these songs were originally sung unarranged and unaccompanied by instruments. Александр does accompany these songs with his accordion. Not a common combination but here it works perfectly, adding tempo and melody. An intimate performance of almost instantly memorable songs.
Александр also works to preserve the voices of Russian ancestry directly, continuing in the tradition of field collectors like Lomax by visiting villages and recording the music and stories passed down by generations.

Daring fun, kosovorotkas and kokoshniks, clapping and stomping - such associations we have now with the words "Russian song". Maybe it is truth, but not all one. Here is the other face of Russian song heritage, a selection of songs from the collection of Alexander Matochkin, among which are Russian folk songs, some foreign ones and author's songs too.
Alexander Matochkin was born and grew up in an urban environment, where Russian traditional song is a real rarity now. No wonder - truly folk, not arranged and not accompanied by instrument song it is a real surprise to the modern listener - such inescapable, ultimate Russian melancholy is in it.
Alexander mastered the traditional Russian songs in the folk ensemble of the St. Petersburg State University. Fifteen years he studied folk songs, toured with expeditions in the Russian North, has collected many ancient tunes and tales, but has not defended his thesis. Perhaps, he gathered too many Russian melancholy on villages, and had to reserve it for himself.


Track listing

  1. A girl with the spinning wheel is sitting at the window
  2. Between a donkey and an ox
  3. It was on the bridge
  4. A trouble was happened in the evening
  5. Dobrynya says goodbye to his wife
  6. The sun was shining over the forest
  7. Sokolnik has beaten Dobrynya
  8. My beautiful day will wake up
  9. Entre le boeuf et l'âne gris
  10. Her feet go bad from grief
  11. Keep your mind in hell and despair not