Algaion - Exthros (CD)

Algaion - Exthros (CD)

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The pivotal alliance of disheartened melodies and hauntingly unforgettable tunes; this is exactly what longtime Swedish kings of despondence ALGAION is all about.

Thirteen years of unvented disconsolation resulted in the spawn of "Exthros" and is already one of the most powerful and dazzling showcase of amorous melo-riffage, unorthodox yet sensual passages and the undeniably flawless performance of Mathias Kamijo (ex-PAIN, MORIFADE), Marten Bjorkman (ARDITI, ex-OCTINOMOS) and Robert Eng (CORPORATION 187, ex-SATANIC SLAUGHTER).

"Exthros" is an unrivaled blend of scathing blackened death metal with the incessant alluring gloom that made ALGAION ever so unique to begin with. Be subdued by the dark splendor of "Exthros"!


Track listing

  1. Alpha
  2. That Time Is Nigh
  3. Theos tou Aimatos
  4. We Are the Enemy
  5. The Last of Cursed Days
  6. Nature Our Slave
  7. Ruach Adversi
  8. This Is Our Temple
  9. The Sign of Evil Existence (Rotting Christ cover) / The Era of Satan Rising (Thou Art Lord cover)
  10. House of War
  11. Omega


...if you're interested in early '90s black metal, especially Rotting Christ, make sure to pick this up and give it a try. Exthros is a pretty varied affair: switching from blast-beats to slowed down atmospheric parts which, as stated above, never get boring, and never give the listener the urge to skip to the next track. Just on the topic of Rotting Christ: if you're a huge fan of their earlier releases, you'll be glad to know that track nine of Exthros is a cover of Rotting Christ's amazing "Sign of Evil Existence" from Thy Mighty Contract. And, no offence to RC, but I find Algaion's interpretation of the song to be almost better than the original (probably because we can hear it they way it's supposed to sound: with real drums). - 5/5