Algor - Hierofania (Digipak CD)

Algor - Hierofania (Digipak CD)

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10 long years have passed and the new masterpiece of ALGOR is finally embraced by the colossal space-time. 9 tracks of monumental and atmospheric black metal with mournful aura and unique sound that might take you on astral journeys of timelessness and revealing sacredness.


Track listing

  1. ...a posvätno sa prejavuje
  2. V krajine živicových sĺz
  3. Lesovik
  4. Stretnutie s posvätnom
  5. Svet v zrkadlách
  6. Mysterium tremendum
  7. Pád do dejín
  8. Za onoho času
  9. K lesným chrámom...


From the off Algor produce highly intensive cacophonous black metal punctuated by cold, unflinching riffs. From slow cautious beginnings comes fast paced aggressive black metal savagery with deeply atmospheric undertones. Sporting ravenous vocals, furious drumming and vehement riff-age interspersed with sounds of nature and melodic interludes, Algor produce a well performed and satisfyingly diverse style of black metal! - 4/5