Amenophis - Demos 1991-1992 (LP)

Amenophis - Demos 1991-1992 (LP)

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This album collects the entire recorded work of Sweden's AMENOPHIS. The band formed in 1988 and split in 1993.


Track listing

  1. Unfathomed Wisdom
  2. Obscure Apotheosis
  3. The Church of Abaddon (1991)
  4. Bloodstained Winter
  5. Below the Crescent Moonshine
  6. In the Dead of the Night
  7. Eyes of Fire
  8. The Church of Abaddon (1992)


Amenophis were not performing on the level of the Swedish front runners at the time, and I don't think that's a surprise to anyone, including the band, but had different opportunities or vacancies opened up, it's not a stretch to imagine that this band might have risen through the ranks and potentially written us a cult classic that we celebrate to this day. It didn't turn out that way, but purists for the Swedish death metal sound who drool over everything to do with it would proudly count this among their collections, and that's really the point of the thing. Because now they can. - 3/5